Infrastructure Details

Area of School Campus 2.55 Acres, 10046 Sq.mts
Built in area of the School 3397.44 Sq.mts
Area of playground 10000 Sq. fts
No. of Building Blocks 2
Facilities Available In the School
Sports Facilities Yes
Swimming Pool No
Indoor Games Yes
Dance and Music Facilities Yes
Auditorium Yes
Gymnasium No
Canteen Yes
Hostel No
Medical and health dispensary No
Details of physical Infrastructure
No .of Class room and Size No:41, Size: 54122 m²
No. of Smart Class 8
No. of Library & No. of Bookss 1 & 7000 books
Details Of Laboratories
  1. Physics Lab
  2. Chemistry Lab
  3. Biology Lab
  4. Computer lab
  5. Mathematics Lab
Internet Facilities Wifi with 100MBPS
Toilet Facilities Boys – 18
Girls - 18
Staff- 2
Dirking water facilities Available with water filter
Barrier free access for the Physically challenged students Yes
Play & Sports Facilities Yes
Staff room details for Senior Teachers and Junior Teachers Yes
xviii) Web based learning programmes/ Facilities for MOOCs (Details) Yes

Safety Measures

Fire Extinguisher Yes
Sprinklers Yes
Fire Alarm Yes
Fire safety Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity Regional fire officer Kozhikode, 21/02/2023, 1 year
Building Safety CertificateIssuing Authority, Date & Validity Local infrastructure development and engineering wing- Govt of keralam ,10-07-2023 1 year
Health and Sanitation Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity Health Inspector Chekkiyad, 27-03-2023, 1 year

Transport Facilities

No. of Owned School Buses (Big & Small) 36
Number of drivers 27
Staff/Transport Cordinator Details for Boarding and De-boarding of the school children ABDUL SALAM K